Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Update, 2/23 meeting

The (small) group watched two very good videos.

There was little time for discussion; no exercise was chosen for the week.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Saturday's talk on past lives

This is our monthly talk for the area. For more, see our regional A.R.E. website at www.are-northeast.org/boston.

Meeting first, followed by a presentation. You’re welcome to attend one or both events. Friends and family always welcome!

Past Lives Memories and Spiritual Experiences
FEB 21 / Sat @ 8:15–9:30 pm
Presentor: Carol Lang
Carol has been a student of the Cayce readings since about 1979 and has been in several study groups. She received a B.A. in psychology and has studied human spiritual experiences for over two decades. (Bethany Congregational Church, 18 Spear Street in Quincy. Enter through back door nearest Spear Street; go up half-flight of stairs; it’s down the hall on your right. For questions, call Elena Allen at 1-781-862-2019. Free refreshments. Free-will donations appreciated.)

Monthly Meeting
FEB 21 / Sat @ 7:00–8:15 pm
Monthly meeting of the Greater Boston area team, study group members, and anyone else interested. (Bethany Congregational Church, 18 Spear Street in Quincy. Enter through back door nearest Spear Street; go up half-flight of stairs; it’s down the hall on your right. For questions, call Elena Allen at 1-781-862-2019.)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Quote

"There's nothing tiny or insignificant. Everything is significant. And everything flows on the same basis of Laws. Whether you are looking at world events or something that's happening in your kitchen drawer, broad and important, or narrow and seemingly insignificant, there's potential for connection or disconnection in either case. And it is only the connection or the disconnection that is of really any importance. " The Abraham-Hicks Publications-
Jerry and Esther

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Exercise, week starting Monday, 2/16/2009

The exercise for the week is on page 95 of Experiments...

Each day for at least a week make a special effort to be aware of and act upon ways in which you can serve as an open door to others. Try to give those necessary influences into the lives of others that they can know greater joy and peace. Record ways in which you were able to do this. Make a note of the person's name and the specific thing that you felt he or she needed for growth at that moment.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Exercise, week starting Monday, 2/9/2009

The exercise for the week is on page 93 of Experiments...

To your mind, what are the qualities of the Christ Consciousness? Write them down. Select one from your list to focus one for a week. Then choose and write down one area of your life in which there is special need to manifest that quality. Keep a record of situations in which you are successful in your attempts to express it in that part of your life.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How do I read a blog?

A blog is like a journal. Instead of an author writing in a journal, they post to the blog. A blog is structured differently than a web site. Here’s a general overview of how to get around.

Posts are listed by date, with the most recent at the top of the web page. As you read down the page you go back in time. Generally only a limited number of posts appear on each page. To read older ones, go to the bottom of any page and click our Older Posts link. Sometimes a Newer Posts link also appears, and clicking it takes you to a page of more recently written stories. You can click back and forward in time using these two links, you time traveler, you.

If you want to see posts written on a specific topic, look at the right-hand column on any page and, under Topics, click a link. (Topics links are on all our blog’s pages.) For instance, clicking on Quotations takes you to a page with only stories that the author has specified are quotations. The page might have one post or it might have a bunch, but they’ll all be related to quotes.

You could look at all stories that were written in a month by looking in the right-hand column on any page and, under Our Archives, clicking the link for, for instance, “February.” (Archives links are on all our blog’s pages.)

You can search within our blog. In the upper left corner of all pages is a white search box. Type your keyword(s) and click the button to the right that says Search Blog.

A comment is something you add to a post; literally, a comment. Please make ’em! It’s a way of sharing what you think and know with others and with the author of the post. (Keep in mind that comments are public.) At the bottom of each post is a link. It reads 0 comments or 3 comments or something such. Click it. You’ll get a screen containing an empty rectangle. Type your comments into the rectangle and click Post Comment. (If you’d like to double-check what you wrote first, click the Preview button instead.) If you’re prompted to enter a password or something, follow the on-screen directions.

Have further questions? Ask Alan or Paula.

With a little practice you’ll be comfortable navigating your way around a blog. And remember, should you become misplaced, click your web browser’s Back arrow button to return to someplace safe. Happy clicking!

Monday, February 9, 2009

We're live!

(Note: This is reposted from Alan’s message.) As we go along, we can add to the site with relevant info and links, such as upcoming events, related groups, etc.

Week by week, please do add your comments, especially as they may relate to our week's discussion -- thoughts you found particularly interesting, books to recommend, etc. Let's not let all of these wonderful details disappear into the dusty back rooms of memory! Over time we can categorize them for easier reference...

Also please add anything else you feel would be of interest to the group. This is a great bunch of people, with lots to share, so... let's share!